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Former Athletes, dating Back to the 2016-17 Seasons, and Current Athletes

Join A Collective Action to Change NCAA / NAIA / NJCAA Rules and Get Back Pay Owed You  

SAME legal counsel is vetting candidates to join the current lawsuit to level the field of pay in NCAA Division I.

SAME legal counsel is also vetting candidates to join potential lawsuits aiming to do the same in:

  • NCAA Division II

  • NCAA Division III

  • NAIA


Fill out the adjacent form to see if you qualify.* 

Please note that public schools might be immune to federal lawsuit under the 11th Amendment as "arms of the state."  

Some notable semi-public schools are not immune as "arms of the state," e.g., NCAA Division I member schools in the geographical boundaries of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, including those in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

And, semi-public junior colleges in the following states are not immune as "arms of the state":   Arizona, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

If a public school is immune to federal lawsuit, it may not be subject to awards of back pay.  But, if the private and semi-public schools in its association are found liable for, or settle claims of, back pay and the association is required to change the rules to permit the payment of minimum wages going forward, all member schools in the association would likely pay minimum wages going forward on the same terms.

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Student Athlete Advisory Councils (SAACs), Teams and Individuals

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Change is facilitated through visible grassroots.  Student athletes across campuses can show solidarity by wearing the SAME wristband.

SAME wristbands can be ordered directly from 24 Hour Wristbands. Contact the sales department at 1-855-711-4467, reference template order IM 9266 BEA 651, indicate you are initiating a new order number and provide your billing and shipping information.  The larger the order, the cheaper the unit cost.*

* SAME receives no proceeds from wristband orders. 

CURRENT Athletes, High School Recruits and parents

Ask Coaches Whether They Stand with SAME, or Condone Wage Disparities  

It doesn't make sense that student ticket takers, seating attendants, and food concession workers at athletic events are paid, but student athletes whose performance creates those work study jobs are not.

It's a matter of respect, not excuses.